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Luke Tatum has never been content to simply work “a job,” without any plans for the future. He is a proud college drop-out who has always been driven by a thirst for knowledge. Switching career paths several times (everything from delivering flowers to managing a jewelry store!) gave him a broad base of experience to build a business of his own. 

After several years of tireless “work-a-holism”–holding down a day job while working on side gigs at home–he discovered a financial concept that is drastically underappreciated by nearly everyone in the industry. It’s called the Infinite Banking Concept, and Luke is proud to be an Authorized IBC Practitioner. This was the spark he needed to focus on a single mission, instead of constantly seeking new opportunities. It also led him to write his bestselling book, Between the Lies: How to Reclaim Your Future from the Banks and Wall Street.

After some time with a major financial firm, Luke decided the best way to maximize his impact on the lives of the hardworking families who are stuck in the “rat race” (just like he was for years!) was to start his own firm.

Perfect Spiral Capital’s vision is to show each individual what is really going on in the world of money, and provide them with the best tools to take control of their own financial destiny.

We are guided by our core values of Liberty, Truth, and Discipline.

So, where did the name Perfect Spiral Capital come from?

To grow as people, we must expand our horizons.

The most beautiful illustration of this is the spiral.

Strands of DNA.

Conch shells.

The leaves of an aloe.

Petals on a rose.

Powerful storms.

The orbit of the planets.

The shape of the Milky Way Galaxy itself.

Taking the cue from nature, Perfect Spiral Capital asserts that you should live this pattern out in your own life.

Always reach for new ways to grow. Don’t stand still and let life pass you by. Become the most that you can be.

Do this, and your efforts won’t just add to the lives of those around you. This will multiply the positive aspects of your lives. There is no upper limit to this effect!

Apply this to your financial life, and abundance will follow.

It must follow, because you are harnessing the same compound growth that nature shows us constantly, at every scale.

These ideas are not new. In fact, they are very old.

Many have stressed the importance of tapping into this mindset.

Leonardo Fibonacci gave us the mathematical expression for this pattern that is widely used today.

The band TOOL showed us the power of “spiraling out” with their album, Lateralus.

The animation studio Gainax, taught us the limitless nature of living this way with their anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Perfect Spiral Capital humbly invites you to explore how the Infinite Banking Concept® can transform your purchasing, your wealth, your opportunities, and your capital.

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