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Luke Tatum on Finding Freedom with John Odermatt

It was my enormous pleasure to speak with John Odermatt this week on his podcast, Finding Freedom. It’s part of the long-running Lions of Liberty Podcast Network, and an excellent show among other excellent shows! Here is the direct link to our episode. (It’s also embedded below!)

John and I talk about the essence of what the Infinite Banking Concept is, some of the shenanigans in the industry, as well as a bit more about how I discovered IBC myself.

A big part of the process is unlearning what you have been taught. I’m always keen to stress this with every person I talk to! The establishment types are perfectly happy for you to go through life like this. A mixture of half-truths and downright lies serves them perfectly well. Breaking free of that is more powerful than I ever would have imagined beforehand.

Be sure to check out Finding Freedom! From medical freedom to entrepreneurship, John picks incredible guests week after week. It’s a great show to take the “5 Episode Challenge” with. If you do, you’ll be hooked!

Beyond the show, John is also quite knowledgeable on gut health. I have personally benefitted from some deeper conversations with him on the subject before. He has an infectiously positive outlook and I can’t thank him enough for the chance to come on his show!

When you are ready to take the next steps and learn to take control of your own finances, schedule a time to speak with me!

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